Fictitious or not

Dead Space lives here

On the edge of an endless blue sky photograph

Holed up in a abandon movie set trailer

Closed off, peering out tiny windows

At the reality out of doors

Opened just a crack to maintain the illusion of being habitable

Although, not so far to allow escape

Of those last traces of body fluids

And of hand drawn outlines portraying tattered souls

As they cower behind mothy stained sheet

Under earthy carpets rotting

Abandon emotions

Torn up, tossed

Just as the door clicked

Permanently shut

Fictitious or not

Within this dank dark disclosure

Tears of joy and sadness reconcile

Even though ne'er shall pain fade

In the grunge covered songs that resonate

Here on the brink of endlessness

Amidst thundering torment

Clouds crash against Heaven’s humanity

And then one day something broke

Dead Space opened the door

Throwing three legs of lamb

Wrapped in yellowing newsprint

Into the blue chasm

The headlines read

Let Them Fall Where They May

Leap of Faith

A New Chance at Life

Fictitious or not

What is the preferred dividend

It must be asked

Stay with the story till the end

To know the battle won

Or drift asleep somewhere within

And awaken to the battle lost