B E Y O N D   ·   P L U M   ·   C R E E K

Imprints of A Dirty Unkempt Fairy

thousands of oceans deep from here

in a viral shade of straight and narrow

undetectable by little girls nor little knights

this is where she comes to practice

her mystical art of prodigious deception

from holes where holes should never be

she spills out on a page of silt

contemptuous ink written on pale grey skin

she redefines the feathered lies

of truth, of cosmetic conformity

this is where she lays down

this is where she lays it down

this is where she bottoms out

this is where she lays it out

this is where she straddles the line

to be shoveled up and tossed aside

more ugly moth than Circean nymph

no sanctimonious chant spewing sulfurous vanity

miraculous powers cleverly disguised

as hairy armpit neurosis

her wooden wand, a third leg grotesque

she limps on the bad leg while lugging the good

an idyllic pathology of polished insecurity

it is here an unkempt fairy

from the gravel road beyond

finds chinks in her tissue

dipping a wing in the well of effervescent lye

she drafts her cool calculated creed

imagine me tainted and muddied

imagine me cradled in luxurious filth

imagine me once a pelagic soul searcher

imagine me now as self-deprecating dreg

imagine me stripped down to full emptiness

finally, she writes on the diminishing pain

imagine me

as sight for sore eyes

in a fancy dress of embroidered disgraces laid bare

a lobotomized fairy creeps out of the trash

imagine her hung out to dry in full view

imagine her a lilly touched by darkness

with holes where holes should never be

the Pretenders -'CREEP'